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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 The IOP Exchange Club consists of four Programs of Service: Americanism, Child Abuse Prevention, Youth and Scholarships, and Community Service. The Isle of Palms Community Corporation (IOPCC), an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization, is affiliated with the IOP Exchange Club as it's Foundation arm.


The IOP Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support (LENS) Foundation, affectionately known as IOP LENS, is one program of the Community Service Committee of the IOP Exchange Club and part of the IOPCC.


Established in 2022, IOP LENS stands as a beacon of hope and support, offering vital assistance to island families and officers facing monetary hardships related to health matters, abuse, or challenging circumstances. This heartfelt commitment extends to education scholarships, benefiting school-age children and spouses of law enforcement officers, all while reinforcing the community's fabric through sponsorship of events that promote safety, education, and joyful experiences for island families.

In alignment with our vision, IOP LENS works hand in hand with the IOP Police Department, strengthening the bonds between law enforcement and neighborhoods. Through our initiatives, IOP LENS strives to create a safer, more harmonious Isle of Palms. Our dedication to giving back is evident in our unwavering support for island families, visitors, and those in need, making IOP a secure and inviting haven for all.


IOP Exchange Club & their
4 Programs of Service

'LENS' is one program of the 'Community Service' pillar

American Flags
Promotes pride in our country, appreciation for the freedoms granted to American citizens, and gratitude and support to the men and women who served/have served in the Armed Forces. Americanism celebrates the country’s rich, unique heritage and inspires unity from coast to coast. The IOP Exchange Club specifically provides for: homeless veterans, support for suicide prevention, scholarships for veterans, rent assistance and clothing, through various local agencies and hosts veteran groups at the IOP Exchange Club.


Children in Indoor Playground
Provides for 12 Child Abuse Agencies with financial grants (funded by the IOP Connector Run), financial cash for needs also during the year, volunteers help clean facilities inside and out, Christmas, landscaping and landscaping during the year and volunteer at the various agency fundraisers. Provide child abuse prevention awareness through a Darkness to Light education session.

Child Abuse


In Classroom
Provides monetary support to youth sports teams: Sponsored youth baseball, Soccer leagues and Scouts Sunday lunch banquet. Also provides educational support through scholarships to 4 Youth of the Year recipients and 4 ACE recipients. Supported by an Oyster Roast to fund scholarships from it’s proceeds and fund Americanism.  

Youth &


Identifies opportunities within the community and offers assistance to fill gaps in service. Some examples of how the Community Service team supports the community is through support of community events sponsored by the Isle of Palms, the development of the LENS Program, which supports the IOPPD, community and tourists, and support of the East Cooper Community Outreach and local food banks.



Our Story

Our first responders, whose mission it is to keep others safe while putting their own well-being second, require assistance from time to time like the rest of us.  Fortunately, leadership in the city has identified individuals in need of support. Those leaders reached out to The Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support program to step up and help. 

A few stories we are proud to share....


1. A member of the IOP Exchange Club encountered a worker at a local business, learned of their homelessness and by shifts-end, funds were approved by LENS and presented to provide temporary housing for a week.

2. A tragic accident occurred resulting in the death of an 11-year-old daughter, devastating the family.  Not knowing where to turn, an Isle of Palms family, aware of the situation and aware the crippled family required financial support, contacted the LENS program and received approval to disperse funds within 48 hours.

3. The IOP police department comes to the aid of a visiting island mother who is pregnant, has a two-year-old, has suffered indications of abuse, and needs to find safe shelter.  The IOPPD contacts the LENS program and within the first few hours, LENS and the IOPPD partner with a local hotel to provide safe refuge for the mother and child.

4. A philanthropic family heard about the LENS program and offered a 5-year commitment to providing educational awards to IOPPD spouses and dependents.  Within 2 months, LENS established a matching program that could total over $150,000 for this purpose over the next five years.  Expert education volunteers developed an easy-to-complete application and approval process, and the first award was made to a current college freshman.

Isle of Palms residents have been approached, and without hesitation, have devoted themselves to our cause. They selflessly volunteered to fill positions on our Advisory Board, Selection Panel, Banquet Committee, Endowment Oversight Committee, and active Exchange Club. The LENS program would not be what it is or where it is today without the help it has received from our island community. We are only able to make a difference thanks to driven individuals who share our same values and vision. 

A very special thank you to all who are and continue to get involved, and to those whose sacrifice leads to lasting impacts.

Meet The Team

The LENS Advisory Board


George Reeth

Chairman of the LENS Advisory Board


Dick Cronin

Former Isle of Palms Mayor

al cannon.jpg

Al Cannon

Retired Sheriff, Charleston County


Jean Blackwell

Retired CEO of Cummins Foundation

Paul Coleman.jpg
Dennis McLendon.jpg

Dimi Matouchev, CFP

LENS Endowment Manager at Edward Jones

Kitty Riley

Founder of the Kitty Foundation

Paul Coleman

Pastor at Deep Water Church

Dennis McLendon

Harris Teeter Store Manager 


The LENS Selection Panel

This committee provides recommendations on hardship awards

Ted Kinghorn

Ted Kinghorn

The LENS Whisperer

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 5.32.26 PM.png

Betsy Reidenbach


Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 5.33.13 PM.png

Tony Jones


The LENS Endowment Oversight Committee

This committee oversees where the Endowment funds get allocated


Mike Powers

LENS Director of Development


Jim Thompson

Retired Entreprenuer

Ted Kinghorn

Ted Kinghorn

LENS Whisperer

The LENS Program Founding Members
"The Fab Fifty"

Anonymous (2)
Randy & Mimi Bell
Robbie Berg
Brian & Beth Berrigan
Jean Blackwell & Kim Williams
Dan & Barbara Brown
Jeff Burda
John Cipkala
Dick &Marcy Cronin
Patrick & Barby Harrington
Bob & Kathy Heller
Dave & Barb Janssen
Tony & Whitney Jones
Daulton & Harriet Keith
Ted & Anne Kinghorn
Paul & Nancy Newlin Lain
Katherine & Kathy Magruder
Dimi & Brooke Matouchev
Pete & Michelle Page
Scott & Jennie Pierce
Phillip & Laurie Pounds
Keith & Linda Rogerson
Kelly Sanchez
Ambrose Schwallie
Kathy Shook
Murray & Elizabeth Small
Sandy & Peggy Stone
Jim & Linda Thompson
Mimi & Tom Wood
Acme Lowcountry Kitchen
Beachside Vacations
The Betty Poore Group:
  • Donna Bell
  • Vanessa Carter
  • Christy Humphries
  • Ginn Maiers
  • Betty Poore
Charleston Homes/Suzy Copp
Delicato Family Wines
Harris Teeter
Island Eye News
Islander 71 Fish House & Deck Bar
Loop Carts, LLC
The Trailer Shop/Tommy & Mary Stone
Tyler Hawkins Group
Wild Dunes Resort, Hyatt
The Windjammer
City of Isle of Palms
George Reeth Family Foundation
IOP Exchange Club
The Kitty Foundation

Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support Foundation by The Isle of Palms Exchange Club “With Appreciation to the Reeth Family Foundation for being a catalyst for the establishment of LENS.”

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