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Our Giving


Where Do IOP LENS Donations Go?

It's about making a difference, one life at a time. Your acts of kindness, large and small, have created ripples of positive change. Your support not only aids those in immediate need but also builds a legacy of compassion and care.

Giving Behind The Scenes:


Curious where donations go? These efforts reflect our ongoing commitment to the well-being and support of our dedicated public safety officials. In 2024, we were able to fund: 

  • Back to School Gift Cards: Provided for school-age children of public safety officials.

  • Sponsored Dinners: Hosted dinners for staff and their spouses, fostering community connections.

  • Event Tickets: Offered special tickets to events such as the Charleston Fair and local sporting teams.

  • Team Building Programs: Supported department-specific team-building initiatives.

  • Special Equipment: Funded equipment needs not covered by the city budget.

  • Holiday Treats: Delivered ice cream during long holiday weekends.

  • Restaurant Gift Cards: Distributed gift cards for local restaurants to the IOPPD officers. 

  • Wellness Programs: Implemented wellness initiatives for public safety officials.

  • Support During Illnesses or Deaths: Provided food, flowers, and other support upon request.

  • Commemorative Trading Patches: Fulfilled material requests for special commemorative items.

  • Hardship Requests: Funded three hardship requests in the first two quarters, totaling $12,000.


"LENS has provided both of my children with generous college scholarships over the past several years, helping them ease part of the financial burden and allowing my kids to focus more on their academics. These scholarships are just one of the many ways LENS continues to support the IOPPD family.”

- IOPPD Captain Jeff Swain

“When the LENS foundation became aware of my stage 4 breast cancer, they awarded me with a hardship donation, which greatly reduced my level of stress from worrying about financial matters related to costly treatments."

- Christina Summers

“While mourning the tragic loss of my 11-year-old daughter in a car accident, I also experienced the comforting presence of God's love through the LENS Foundation, whose financial aid has been a profound blessing in my life.”


“I want to thank all of the people involved on the LENS advisory board and the committees that play a role in making LENS function as it does. Our police department team has been able to fund our awards banquet this year and we have been able to ensure that family members were able to attend educational institutions without the burden of covering the full cost. I know that the LENS Foundation has previously funded hardship requests for the police department and continues to fund hardship requests for city employees from other departments as well this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2024 banquet and we appreciate the fact that we were given the opportunity to join everyone for that event. I especially enjoyed the theme that allowed many businesses to participate and show case the amazing cuisine that our island restaurants have available. We are also very appreciative of the award that was presented to the amazing Chaplain Paula Mullen. As I stated at the event, “police departments are only successful when they have partnerships with the community that they serve” and I strongly believe that we saw a supportive community at the LENS banquet. Thank you all for all that you do to support our law enforcement agency.”

-IOPPD Chief Kevin Cornett

Your Generosity is Changing Lives

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Made out to: The LENS Foundation/IOP

  Mailed to:

The LENS Foundation IOP
1050 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Suite 912
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


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