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Celebrate National Police Week At The Isle Of Palms Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support Banquet

We were reminded on Good Friday of how our Isle of Palms Police Department supports our community. On a beautiful morning, they were present in support of a children’s Easter egg hunt at the Rec Center. The atmosphere was heartwarming, and it was another wonderful, city-sponsored event for our community.

Unfortunately, by late afternoon, our policemen were engaged in defusing a terrible situation at Front Beach that could have been much worse – but led to five people being injured by gunfire. It’s far too easy to take our public servants for granted, but let’s make this a reminder to show our appreciation by honoring them at the Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support banquet May 15 at the Sweetgrass Inn at Wild Dunes.

Beginning with President John F. Kennedy in 1962, the second week in May was established to recognize and honor our law enforcement officers. What began as an effort to honor the fallen in service is now a week to honor all law enforcement officials and their dedication to making our communities safe.

In light of recent negativity directed toward law enforcement nationally, there is a need to show support for our police officers and recognize the difficult career they have chosen.

In 1982, approximately 120 supporters of law enforcement met for the first time in Senate Park in Washington, D.C., to honor our police. Decades later, the event, more commonly known as National Police Week, has grown into a series of events which attract thousands of survivors and law enforcement officers to our nation’s capital each year. Now, National Police Week is being celebrated in communities throughout the United States.

Four decades after the meeting in Washington, D.C., George Reeth founded a police-support program in Charleston, and he approached Isle of Palms leaders about a similar program on the island. Before long, the LENS program was established by the IOP Community Corporation and the IOP Exchange Club.

LENS’ mission is to provide law enforcement with support to strengthen community relations and improve public safety on the Isle of Palms. Recent events on IOP are a reminder that our police are a vital part of our community and are our first line of defense.

LENS’ focus is to give back to the IOP community by supporting initiatives that focus on island families, visitors and those in need. We do this in exclusive partnership with the IOP Police Department.

LENS’ vision is to provide support and show appreciation for our officers with morale-boosting initiatives. We aim to show our appreciation for all that they do, including making IOP safe and fun for our citizens, visitors and friends. We encourage you to attend the LENS banquet to say, “thank you” and as a show of support for our officers, our community and all those who have volunteered their time and effort to ensure our community remains safe and vibrant, in large part because of our police department.

To purchase tickets to the LENS banquet, click here.

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