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Golf Cart Safety Tips

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Your guide to staying safe, wherever your golf cart takes you

Golf carts aren't just for golfing these days. They're also a convenient way to get around residential neighborhoods, retirement communities (where allowed); they're big at campgrounds, festivals, and events; and some areas are even allowing them on trails normally reserved for hiking and biking. And while it can be a lot of fun to drive, it's important to remember that a golf cart is not a toy, and golf cart safety should be taken seriously. Read on for some important golf cart safety tips to help keep you, and everyone around you, safe.

Golf cart safety basics

  • Read the owner's manual for important safety information and to get to know your vehicle.

  • During lightning stay away from your golf cart and golf clubs.

  • Check your state's laws for driver's license requirements.

  • Only carry the number of passengers you have seats or seat belts for.

  • Operate a cart from the driver's seat ONLY.

  • Always fully engage the parking brake and remove the key before leaving the vehicle.

While you're driving

  • Obey and follow all traffic rules.

  • Keep feet, legs, hands, and arms inside vehicle at all times.

  • Make sure the direction selector is in the correct position before accelerating.

  • Always bring the golf cart to a full stop before shifting direction.

  • Slow down before and during turns.

  • Check behind you before operating in reverse.

  • Always yield to pedestrians.

  • Use seatbelts, if available.

  • Do not text and drive the golf cart.

  • Do not allow anyone to stand in a moving golf cart.

  • Do not drive the cart while intoxicated.

Adapting to your terrain

  • Use extra care and reduced speed when driving in poor conditions or on poor surfaces.

  • Avoid extremely rough terrain.

  • Don't drive fast downhill, and avoid steep slopes.

  • Be aware that sudden stops or change of direction could make you lose control of the vehicle.

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