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Isle of Palms Chamber of Commerce and LENS Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Community and Public Safety

Rod Turnage, Isle of Palms Chamber of Commerce President and Ted Kinghorn, LENS Director announced today that the IOP Chamber and the Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support (LENS) Isle of Palms Foundation agree to a strategic partnership whereby each organization promotes improved quality of life, increased public safety and our support for our hospitality industry.

Collaborating will strengthen each organization's positive impact on the Isle of Palms, SC and service to residents and guests.  Turnage and Kinghorn hope this alliance will be an example for other organizations and individuals to work together and embrace kindness.

Officially chartered in 2022, the Isle of Palms Chamber of Commerce is proud to connect the island’s business community, not only as professional partners but also as champions and friends. Their vision is simple: to foster an environment where all local communities—visitors, residents, and business owners—can thrive. Above all, the IOP Chamber is here to support and uplift island neighbors, the true heart and soul of this place.

Also established in 2022, the LENS Foundation IOP helps the local police department connect with thousands of youth and adults through enriching opportunities, supportive programs and community-driven events. The foundation’s mission is to provide officers with the vital resources and support needed to create lasting, positive bonds with the community members they serve. They also provide much-deserved recognition of police officers and funding for advanced training.

As part of the agreement, a LENS representative and IOP Chamber President will serve as Ex Officio members of each other's Boards.

Organizational expanded communications will include, but not be limited to sharing calendar updates, website links, joint programs, joint sponsorships, and an expanded social media strategy. 

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