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Local nonprofits team up to raise greater awareness of families dealing with health care challenges


The Lonon Foundation, a Charleston 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides resources to children impacted by a parent’s or caregiver's cancer diagnosis or cancer-related death, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the Isle of Palms Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support program, known as LENS.

IOP LENS operates under the dedicated umbrella of the Community Service Committee, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, with the IOP Exchange Club, part of the Isle of Palms Community Corporation (IOPCC). Established in 2020, the LENS program stands as a beacon of hope and support, offering vital assistance to IOPPD families and officers facing monetary hardships related to health matters, abuse, or challenging circumstances. This commitment extends to education scholarships, benefiting school-age children and spouses of law enforcement officers, all while reinforcing the community's fabric through sponsorship of events that promote safety, education, and joyful experiences for island families.

The Lonon Foundation was created in 2017 after the founder lost her husband to cancer while raising her two young children. Since its inception, The Lonon Foundation has provided coping and resilience resources to children who have a parent or caregiver with cancer or have lost a parent or caregiver to cancer. The programming includes virtual and in-person events, access to a Certified Child Life Specialist, mindfulness-based kits, and mini grants to mitigate the financial burden of cancer on a family.

Previously, The Lonon Foundation has worked with the IOP Exchange Club as an event space for one of their monthly UPLIFT events focused on mindfulness in nature. Anna Lonon, President and Founder of The Lonon Foundation, believes partnerships with other nonprofits is essential to their success.

“It’s so important for organizations like ours to work together to support others. When we can pool our resources, time, and passions, we are able to help more families,” said Lonon.

Together, The Lonon Foundation and IOP LENS will work together to support the needs of our youth and the community, specifically related to health care challenges. Both organizations believe in and promote kindness, serving those who are underserved in our community.

Meg Elam, IOP resident and member of the IOP Exchange Club, supports this new partnership. “Losing a spouse to cancer is difficult at any age. However, when young children are involved there is a whole different level of anxiety and sorrow as you witness your kids endure their loss. The Lonon Foundation has been instrumental in helping my children feel supported and connect with other kids whose families have also been cursed by cancer,” said Elam. “I am excited for the new partnership between the Lonon Foundation and IOP LENS to broaden these services in our community. I am forever grateful to both organizations for supporting my kids in such positive ways and we are lucky to have them in our community.”

The Lonon Foundation and IOP LENS partnership will include joint programming and events, fundraising efforts, and a greater awareness for the need to support children and families dealing with healthcare challenges.

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