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Notice and Application

This award identifies and rewards best practices in community involvement by recognizing public safety personnel that use the power of collaboration and partnerships to enrich the well being of our local communities. This award recognizes an Isle of Palms Police and/or Fire Department employee that has used the power of collaboration and partnerships to make local communities safer. A nominee significantly and positively impacts the lives and experiences of their co-workers, citizens, and the community at large by engaging in important problem-solving activities and creating productive community partnerships. Additionally, nominees have implemented new programs or initiatives that have had a significant impact on public safety problems, prevention, building and enhancing trust, or respect for public safety personnel and community satisfaction, or have led to reductions in violent crime. The LENS Foundation welcomes nominations for this award, with the winners being recognized annually. Nominations can be emailed to Rob Hauff at, and we respectfully ask that all submissions be made by March 1st each year.



To apply for an internship with the IOPPD, please complete and submit the form below. The LENS Selection Panel alongside the IOPPD Chief of Police, Kevin Cornett, will review all applicants.

Thanks for nominating a public safety official! We will be in touch.

The LENS program wishes to thank its founding members, volunteers, donors, and sponsors for their support so that we may continue to make a difference in people's lives when it is most needed.

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