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The LENS Lieutenants

Designed to provide young island families an easy and affordable way to benefit from the IOP Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support Program and a forum to provide program input that would be desirable to island families, children and our neighbors.


Donation of $50.00 annually (tax-deductible) per family will be eligible to participate in the LENS Lieutenants program, and thereby have a voice on the establishment of future programs.


The demands on young families with their careers, raising children, school work, church, extracurricular activities, and daily responsibilities often leave little extra time for community-based service efforts.

Rather than initiating programs in a vacuum, LENS seeks input from young families on what they would value in order to make their neighborhoods safer, more enriched, developed, fun, and easier to support high-value community-based programs.

LENS Collaborations & Programs

LENS sponsors the annual program, National Night Out, in partnership with the IOP Police Department and Recreation Department, as well as the SIES Father-Daughter Dance. We also promote bike safety through the Bike Rodeo event. These programs are just a few examples of what families could benefit from.

LENS is uniquely positioned to collaborate with strategic partners such as the Isle of Palms Exchange Club, Recreation Department, Wild Dunes, Coast Guard, Red Cross, Isle of Palms Fire Department, and VFW, among others.

Future program areas of interest for parents include water safety, golf cart safety, first aid, and babysitting training. We are planning two events for the fall: an open house social for further parent discussions and Crabbing with Tia.

Join today and let’s kick start a new method of community engagement!

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