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The LENS Program introduced the Education Scholarship Awards Program in 2021 in order to promote the value of education and complete hardship requests by awarding education scholarships to school-age children as well as law enforcement officers and/or their spouses who need financial assistance to pursue first and secondary education. 

The Objectives

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We are passionate about helping our community have access to education because we believe it's a core foundation to building a successful future.

The LENS Educational Fund awards college scholarships and monetary donations to those in need who take the time to complete our applications. 

LENS understands the hardships that arise in everyday life. We take pride in providing access to education to Isle of Palms citizens and the IOPDD.

Kami Meekins, SC

"I am beyond honored to have been selected as a Lens Scholarship recipient and I am beyond thankful for the Lens Program. Philippians 2:3-4 states; "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interest but each of you to the interest of the others". This verse is something the Lens Program has demonstrated to me by aiding me in the furthering of my education, something you all as law enforcement officers demonstrate everyday by  serving and protecting the community, and something I hope to demonstrate one day in my future classroom by serving my students to the best of my abilities."


1. Provide financial support to a spouse or dependent seeking secondary education at an accredited college, technical or trade schools (This includes advanced degrees for spouses)

Scholarship applications must include 2 PDF letters of reference. Dependents need 1 educational reference (teacher or administrator) and 1 community or work reference. Spouses should include 2 references (educational, community or work). References cannot be family members. Each reference should include relationship to the applicant and an address and phone number in case follow-up information is needed.  

2. Provide financial support to dependent school-age children in need of educational services (such as tutoring, intervention services or test prep) to improve literacy or math skills to grade-level standards. This scholarship also supports dependents (birth-18 years old) who may require therapeutic services beyond those provided by local school districts or state/federal agencies

Example: The COVID-19 Pandemic caused many school-age children to fall behind grade expectations in the critical academic areas of literacy and math. Additional tutoring after school or during summer months may be required to help students meet their full potential. The challenge for some students could be even greater. Additional therapeutic services such as speech, occupational, physical therapies and/or academic tutoring by a specialized teacher may be needed.  



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